CBI Podcast: The Voice of Business – coronavirus decisions

CBI Podcast: The Voice of Business – coronavirus decisions.

In this episode, Sage UK breaks down their working from home practices and how they envisage the return to work.

Each week, we speak to someone running a business – small or large, UK-only or multinational – about a key decision she or he has had to make and the subsequent implications they are having, both practically and personally.

Episode 7 – Sage UK.

In this week’s episode of The Voice Of Business, David Taylor (Editor and partner at tortoise media) and Sabby Gill (Managing Director, UK and Ireland, Sage UK) discuss the decisions and challenges that Sage UK has had to face in this pandemic, including:

His views on the Job Retention Scheme, how it impacted the business, and how they’ve supported customers throughout the process The role they’ve had to play within the wider community, and how they’ve helped individuals and people through their work with the Sage Foundation How they’ve managed to get their whole staff to work from home, and how they envisage to get people back in the office.