Charter School Classes
Dance Spectrum  742 Beaumont Ave  Beaumont, CA  92223  951. 769.8123

Charter Schools

Dance Spectrum is a vendor providing dance lessons at our studio in Beaumont for Sky Mountain
Charter School, Sage Oak Charter School, & River Springs Charter School.  Students who are
enrolled in Sky Mountain Charter School may contact their E.S. (education specialist) for details. It
is imperative that the student's parent ensure that their E.S. or whoever is in charge of their
child's vendor billing stay current with emailing their P.O.'s (purchase orders) in a timely manner.  

Our email address for
charter school billing is

Please email us at with your mailing address if you would
like to receive a hard copy of our schedule/brochure
.  Tuition is a flat rate charged per
month.  Tuition is not pro-rated (in other words, it is not based on a student's actual attendance)
and is non-refundable.  

Sometimes the charter school will not cover the student's registration fee or first month's tuition
(we open in August).  Any fees not covered by the charter school are the parent's responsibility.  
Please consult your E.S. in regards to this matter.  

Dance Spectrum's annual student registration fee is $35.00 and $5.00 for siblings/each additional
family member living in the same household.