Transform your talent

Transform your talent.

World-class training and development programs. Developed by top universities and companies. All on Coursera for Business.

Transform your talent.

World-class training and development programs. Developed by top universities and companies. All on Coursera for Business.

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Curated Course Collections to get you started.

The best courses on Coursera—mapped to your learners’ needs.

Data Science for Business Analysts.

This Course Collection helps Analysts learn to translate their organization’s data into reports and simple visualizations to communicate findings.

Courses Include:

Introduction to Data Analytics for Business Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate II Information Visualization: Applied Perception Model Thinking.

Digital Marketing.

This Course Collection is designed to provide employees with the tools and techniques they will need to succeed in a digital marketing environment, such as social media channels, search engine optimization, viral content, analytics tools and more.

Courses Include:

What is Social? Engagement & Nurture Marketing Strategies Content, Advertising & Social IMC Marketing in a Digital World Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals The Business of Social Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO Marketing Analytics Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory.

Mini MBA.

Designed for junior-level professionals in any business function, this Course Collection was designed to present the core skills of an MBA-style education for employees who want to improve their business acumen and accelerate their careers.

Courses Include:

Foundations of Business Strategy Advanced Business Strategy Competitive Strategy Measuring and Promoting Value Creation Financing Investments and Managing Risk Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations Operations Management.

Digital Transformation.

This Course Collection is designed to help employees navigate and innovate in a rapidly changing business landscape in which digital technology is continually disrupting traditional business models.

Courses Include:

Digital Transformations Agile Meets Design Thinking Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations An Exploration of Cutting-Edge Topics The Economics of Media Platforms Surfing the Digital Wave Digital Business Models Design Thinking for Innovations Innovation Management Surviving Disruptive Technologies.

Web Development.

Designed for anyone who is interested in web development, this Course Collections provides learners with the skills needed to develop compelling web sites and web apps.

Courses Include:

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular Multiplatform Mobile App Development Ruby on Rails: An Introduction Rails with Active Record and Action Pack Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integrations Introduction to HTML5 Introduction to CSS3 Interactivity with Javascript.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

This Course Collection focuses on the cutting-edge field of machine learning, which leverages artificial intelligence to provide computer systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience.

Courses Include:

Neural Networks and Deep Learning Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach Machine Learning: Regression Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)