World Economic Service

World Economic Service.

Evaluate business opportunity and risk with the long-term global economic forecast.

Successful business decisions in today’s dynamic, interdependent world require a thorough understanding of the macroeconomic context and outlook. The World Economic Service equips decision makers to meet this challenge with economic data and 30-year forecasts for up to 500 indicators across more than 200 countries. Subscribers use our online delivery platform, IHS Markit Connect, to download the data and forecasts and to obtain daily headline analysis, special topical reports, in-depth country reports and monthly economic overviews. Direct contact with our team of 150 economists through email, phone calls, quarterly webcasts and global conferences ensures you can keep pace with markets anywhere in the world.

Strategic planners, asset managers, business developers and government economists use the World Economic Service to:

Formulate rapid responses to unfolding economic and political developments Assess growth potential in individual or regional markets Set corporate-wide and business unit sales and revenue plans Benchmark economic, financial and investment risk by country.

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What’s Included.

Access historical data to 1970 and 30-year forecasts for up to 500 key indicators in 206 countries. Forecasts are updated monthly for the 100 largest countries and quarterly for more than 200 countries.

Economic indicators include, for example:

National accounts (gross domestic product, industrial production, consumer demand) External accounts (imports/exports, current account, debt) Prices (consumer price, wholesale inflation, wages) Exchange rates Demographics Financial and monetary indicators.

Download monthly global and country economic overviews in PDF and PPT formats.

Find up-to-date analysis of the impact of significant news, data releases and events on the business climate in 206 countries. Download in-depth topical reports by a team of regional economists and country analysts.

See sample headline analysis and download special report.

Read about the economic outlook, alternative scenarios, recent performance, political and economic context for 200+ countries, including:

Live data tables integrated with text for immediate access to key indicators Flexible formats: Excel spreadsheets and PDF export options.

Our online product delivery platform, IHS Markit Connect, aligns with your workflows so you can advance your decisions more efficiently.

Organized content views for a broader perspective on countries, regions, industries Powerful tools to access, search and visualize economic and industry data Robust graphing options and export functionality for easy integration of content into your workflows Access from anywhere, anytime, with laptop, iPad Additional Privileges Analyst Access – Access to more than 150 full-time economists Economic Webcasts – Webcasts on key events and trends, with Q and A delivered by leading experts Global Conferences – Invitations to meetings that include expert interaction and peer networking opportunities.